Brand Story


Kun Peng (Giant Falcon) vault Nine Miles, Top Gun in the mountains.


There is a north sea fish,Its name is Kun。Kun volume,I really do not know that the great to the thousands of miles。Change as a bird,Its name is Peng 。Peng's back,I do not know thousands of miles long。When it is time to rise up and fly,Expand the wings like that cloud the horizon。When the bird was only ,With the surging waves of the sea to the south of the sea migration,South sea is a large pool of natural。

----Getaway .Zhuangzi

Back in Roman times,Eagle is seen as a symbol of the supremacy of God,It protects the children of God and believers are not infringed。God compares himself to an eagle,Who believe it,Like anyone can fly like an eagle,To gain new vitality。In medieval Europe,Eagle is the symbol of imperial power,Emperors were hoping to make the throne existence。In a thousand years ago,When the heroic tough Vikings set foot on this piece of Iceland, the severe cold in the Arctic near the Earth's land,By the local eagle attracted to a white,It is the ancient name of Hai Dong Qing China spear Falcon。It can tolerate cold,Bull by the horns。It is the forbear,But broad minded,It is the loyalty,But collaboration。It is always hovering in the mountains between,Also flying in the alpine tundra above the vast,Broad thinking and magnificent landscape often requires a,And new ideas often arise where the strange。

There is such a contemporary businessman named Wang Fengrun,Was flying the white eagle in the sky fascinated,He created a giant falcon outdoor recreation as a trademark brand (White Hawk),To go to nature-oriented travel,Allow people to go out,Enjoy the outdoors。From White Hawk will be the name of travel on behalf of nature。