Technical Knowledge


How can the belt bag was fitted with?

In addition to the above-mentioned suspension system other than within the frame,There(ShoulderBelt),(HipBelt),(ChestBelt)。

Good manufacturers and distributors can change your body shape and belt strap。In addition,Because men and women of different body ,Designed specifically for girls good manufacturers of some models of backpack。These packages carry system is based on physical characteristics of women specially crafted。

Not the same as the size of the manufacturers,In general,Belt size is as follows:

If your waist(One week around the hip bone)68 cm below,Select Extra small。

If your waist size of 68-78 cm,Select Trumpet。

If your waist size of 78-92 cm,Check No.

If your waist is 92-106 cm,Large selection。

If your waist circumference of 106 cm above,Select King。

As for the shoulder strap,Well adjusted and you will not have any gap between the shoulder blades (hunchback who exceptions)。Good package can be adjusted his weight distribution in the shoulder,You can be adjusted according to physical and environmental。

In short,System regulating the right to bear a good,Can most of the weight (60%) transferred to the hips and buttocks,That would be a lot easier on your shoulder,Activities, it is also more flexible。By the time you just might have enough energy to enjoy nature。

Backpack filled with what it was back comfortably?

Installation package is the key to understanding the equipment (size, shape, weight),Reasonable layout and size of the smallest individual。Individuals to achieve the minimum volume can have a choice when purchasing equipment,When packing equipment can also be controlled。In addition,Multi-use compression bags、Waterproof bag and other objects were scattered package。(The method focuses on the following within the frame-shaped backpack)

Reasonable distribution of weight

Usually best to focus on the weight of the backpack hip,To avoid the weight falls on the shoulders or back。And no matter what terrain you go,Try to keep the heavier items close to your back,Between the shoulders to maintain the focus。

Mountain walking in the ordinary,Heavy items can be placed on top of bag,This helps to concentrate on the top of your hips,This is the body able to withstand heavy to bear part of the。(Figure A)

Figure I:

For ordinary mountain

Such as walk in rugged adventure-style on the road,Use the opposite strategy,Put heavy items in a backpack the Ministry of the main compartment,This allows the weight allocated to the shoulder and back,The lower center of gravity,Easier to maintain a balance。(Figure II)

Tighten all compression equipment in the backpack with a limited slip,Backpack center of gravity will move the slide,Easy to make people lose their balance。Items backpack outside the bar in the less as far as possible,Otherwise it will affect your balance when moving。Protect hang in the external equipment,Do not let them shake and bump into each other to issue rattling sound。If you join the team activities,Reasonable weight to be assigned to other members,Do not let yourself become a workhorses inadvertently,Good save energy。 Comparison of the little girls or tall people, whether walking in the habit of terrain which will put a heavy backpack at the bottom of things。It does not matter,After all, what the packaging style,Ultimately depends on your own,The first condition is that you feel comfortable and easy to。Ensure that some items can easily put a place out,And do not turn me find。Like a map, compass, sunglasses, insect medicine, snacks, water bottles, headlamp or flashlight, coats and backpack rain cover, etc.

Figure II:

For rugged terrain

III. Description of the package structure of mountain